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Curious about Enon Ranch? Explore our frequently asked questions below for insights into our serene venue.


Have a query not addressed here? Don't hesitate to reach out to us; we're here to ensure your experience is seamless and memorable.

  • How do I book a tour of the facility?
    Please complete the attached form and a representative will contact you
  • Do you allow outside caterers?
    Yes, we allow outside catering, but alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted. Caterers that are not on our Preferred Vendors List will be required to pay a refundable $500 security fee.
  • How long can our event use the facilities?
    You’ll receive twelve hours total on property for a ceremony and reception
  • Is there a changing room for the bridal party?
    A bridal suite and grooms suite changing area will be available starting at noon. This is a great space to change and add final touches before walking down the aisle.
  • Can we bring in candles?
    Yes. The only stipulation is that our county fire code requires the candles to be enclosed on the sides and base with some type of protection, most commonly glass. We don’t allow any candles with an open flame without protection, except for the unity candle presentation on the ceremony site with management approval.
  • Can we take photos at the Club before the start of our event?
    Absolutely, you have access to the entire property all day. You can also schedule engagement pictures onsite, based on availability
  • Do you recommend a seating chart?
    Generally, yes. This not only prevents open chairs from depleting seating capacity, but also serves as guidance to your guests on where to go. Assigning specific seats is not necessary but general table numbers is recommended.
  • Do you have a list of Preferred Vendors?
    Yes, we have a list of vendors that we have worked with and are familiar with the property, but you are not REQUIRED to use these vendors.
  • Do you require a Wedding Coordinator?
    Yes, all weddings must have a licensed and reputable wedding planner.
  • Is there alcohol allowed on the property?
    At Enon Ranch, we honor the cherished wishes of our owners, maintaining a sacred property where families and friends can gather for wholesome fun. While we don't serve or allow alcohol, we invite you to indulge in our expertly crafted mocktails, concocted by our talented mixologists. Come bask in the beauty of nature and enjoy responsibly curated festivities with us!
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